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“Skully” makes the skulls roll


Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Terry is a god on a small island. And Terry has a problem: his quarrelsome siblings. In order to be able to assert himself against these bullies, he brings to life a skull washed up on the beach.

The skull called “Skully” is not particularly talkative – but it is all the more agile and clever. And that’s a good thing, after all, he’s the main character in the skill game “Skully”.

Skull with magic power

As Skully, players have to make their way across the island – for example by solving puzzles, pushing platforms through the area or tearing down walls.

But wait, how is a skull without hands and feet supposed to move a platform? But island god Terry has equipped Skully with a very useful ability: the skull can conjure up clay from the environment into a body and so tramp and jump through the colorful island world as a kind of golem. There are different clay bodies to choose from, all with their own skills that need to be used skillfully.

Non-violent puzzle fun

It’s a lot of fun – and it also looks funny when Skully and his squishy forms move through the 18 game worlds. Despite the somewhat macabre scenario, “Skully” is a game that children will also have fun with: blood does not flow here – only the skull rolls.

“Skully” by Finish Line Games and Modus Games has been released for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It costs about 30 euros.


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