5 advantages of buying refurbished computers

Refurbished computers are a good way to have a desktop, or laptop from Lenovo, ASUS, HP and other brands at an affordable price, but there are more advantages to buying a refurbished PC that we present here.

The attention given to the consumer, personalization and purchase options in Portugal make the refurbished ones worthwhile. Are products “refurbished“with guarantee seal of the best brands of computers and laptops.

1. Lowest price on computers

The immediate advantage of buying a refurbished computer is the Lower price, as a rule. This is the most attractive factor, but you must take into account the characteristics of refurbished PCs to meet your needs.

You can buy refurbished computers to work at home, to surf the Internet, to produce professional content, or to play games. When buying a cheaper refurbished gaming PC, you get the best price / quality ratio.

So there is a great offer of refurbished computers, be it a laptop from Lenovo, ASUS, HP and other brands, and from fixed desktops. So, reconditioned ones are a good way to save and have a certified machine working well.

2. Quality and reliability in reconditioned

Refurbished notebooks may never have been powered on, being practically new. In any case, it is important to make sure that the computer is in excellent cosmetic and working condition, before buying it.

For this reason, we highlight P-Telemóveis, a Portuguese company that carefully refurbishes the exterior as well as the interior of the computer. Soon after, they check all the USB ports and other connectivity, making sure that the equipment is ready for use.

THE battery is tested, ensuring a good performance of the same, that is, that it presents and maintains a good autonomy. Recalling that the batteries are not addictive, but they do have finite capacity or battery cycles (charge / discharge).

Furthermore, accessories such as the laptop charger are clean and well packaged and packaged. Something we do not know when using private individuals, being safer to buy refurbished notebooks in trusted stores.

You can customize refurbished computers

If you are interested in a used computer, or a refurbished iMac, you can ask for more photos of the unit in question and, thus, ensure that its cosmetic condition is to your liking. In addition, we can customize orders.

That is, you can ask them to include more RAM in refurbished laptops and other products, or request to exchange a hard disk (HDD) for an SSD. Thus, the technical data of the refurbished products may be better than the factory settings.

3. Equipment safety and warranty

When buying reconditioned equipment it is important that they are formatted, without data or evidence from the former user. THE cleaning and formatting guarantee that the refurbished ones are as new, guaranteeing a good purchase.

It is important to have the Windows operating system set to Portuguese, as well as the layout, or keyboard layout. In this sense, we highlight the practice of P-Telemóveis by including, or already applying, stickers on the keyboard to use without problems in Portugal.

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The guarantee is mandatory, following European standards, both in a new article (2 years) and in a refurbished one (1 year). Furthermore, P-Telemóveis offers the possibility of extending the year of warranty to two, or three years, in addition to insurance.

We also highlight the after-sales assistance at P-Telemóveis, a store that has an electronic technical center with 20 specialized technicians. If the computer breaks down, your investment is protected.

4. Reduced environmental impact

Refurbished products are reviewed in-store, replacing any component in order to guarantee the full functioning of laptops, PCs and desktops. They are machines that would otherwise end up in the container, thus promoting the reduction of electronic waste.

By buying a refurbished PC, we are promoting the circular economy, reusing equipment that still has a lot to offer. At the end of their useful life, computers and laptops are recycled, minimizing the ecological footprint.

In fact, when buying refurbished products, we prevent new equipment from being produced, thus minimizing the consumption of Earth’s natural resources.

5. Buy in Portugal

Through physical stores, or online, it is easy to decide where to buy refurbished laptops and other products. 4gnews, in partnership with P-Telemóveis, gives readers the possibility to save 20 € when purchasing any refurbished computer.

Use the voucher or promotional code 4GNEWS20 to take advantage of the discount. We remind you that you have 14 days to return the product if you are not satisfied, enjoying free shipping on purchases over 250 €.

P-Telemóveis is a Portuguese company integrated in the Telecommunications market, founded in 2005, headquartered in Leiria, with two stores in the District (Gândara dos Olivais in Leiria and Caldas da Rainha) and the online store, with more than 10 000 articles.

See all refurbished computers with exclusive prices on P-Telemóveis

You have five payment methods, namely: ATM reference; Bank transfer; Paypal; MBWay; payment to collection in Portugal. The shipment of the order is done in 24 hours after payment, with fast delivery.

What is a refurbished computer?

The refurbished computer may have already been used, in addition to having marks of use, or small scratches on the outside, but nothing that affects its operation. In fact, these products have been carefully reviewed, ensuring a good work order.

The origin of the refurbished material is varied and can be overstock, customer returns and canceled (unused) orders, or new products on display, in addition to in-store demo units, among other sources.

In summary, reconditioned products are a good purchase for home, or professional and business use, allowing consumers to save money and minimizing the environmental impact of the technological sector.

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Article written in partnership with P-Telemóveis.

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