7 best online sales sites in Portugal

Making the best purchase, at a good price and safely in Portugal, is easy with the best online sales sites, national and international. To this end, we select the best online sales site according to the types of technology articles.

They are platforms where we can not only make international and national purchases, but also, in some cases, put products for sale for free. Follow our list and take advantage of the recommendations for good online business.

1. Mi Store Portugal

Mi Store Xiaomi Store

THE Mi Store Portugal is the best sales site for those looking for Xiaomi material. Not only is it the only official Xiaomi website in Portugal, ideal for reliable and secure online shopping, but it also has four physical stores mirrored across the country.

Through this online sales website you will have an official Xiaomi warranty (2 years), being considered the best electronics / retail store by the Complaint Portal. In addition, the customer can take advantage of personalized after-sales assistance, usually fast.

The range of products from the Xiaomi ecosystem is large, with more products arriving gradually. We therefore recommend this good online shopping site, which sometimes manages to be the cheapest depending on the promotions practiced.

2. Forall Phones

Forall ForallPhones logo

THE Forall Phones coined the term “affordable premium” in Portugal in the mobile phone market. The national company has grown, with great merit and hard work, making available to consumers the best selection of refurbished smartphones.

In addition to the online sales website, Forall has physical stores throughout the country, with the consumer being able to take advantage of guarantees, technical assistance and after sales. To buy refurbished or used mobile phones, this is our recommendation.

Prices are generally good on products like iPhone, iPad and MacBook, making Forall one of the cheapest sites for reliable online shopping. We also recommend that you follow our refurbished cell phone guide.

3. Electronic Aquarium

Electronic Aquarium logo on white background

THE Electronics Aquarium has one of the best sales sites for those looking for specific, varied components and a wide range of other products. The Portuguese company has 30 years of existence, with several physical stores in Portugal.

From computers to car batteries, it is possible to find specific equipment, as well as the most popular gadgets on this one of the Portuguese online sales sites. The company was distinguished as PME of Excellence and Leader.

It offers very competitive prices, with online and special promotions for merchants, in addition to the guarantee, after-sales assistance and ease of purchase that we expect from a good online store in Portugal.

4. Globaldata

Globaldata logo on white background

THE Globaldata is a reference in the IT sector in Portugal, with one of the best online shopping sites, in addition to physical stores throughout the country. Prices are very competitive and we highlight the builds new PC’s.

The company specializes in computers, modding, gaming and watercooling, having partnerships with some of the best brands in the sector such as Caseking, or Noble Chairs. They have great evaluation by customers, and a strong presence on social networks.

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Among the trusted online shopping sites, Globaldata occupies a prominent place, especially to buy computer components, although it also sells smartphones, gadgets and other products related to technology.

5. Amazon

Amazon logo yellow background

THE Amazon is the best international site to buy and sell safely. In Portugal we can use the Spanish subsidiary, with fast deliveries via CTT, among other carriers. The service is of quality and the protection to the customer is ensured.

Portuguese customers can buy and sell at Amazon’s European branches, from French, German, Italian and Spanish, and it is recommended to compare the price between both. It is currently the largest online store in the world with good prices.

Before buying on Amazon in Portugal, check out our shopping guide, with details on shipping methods and shipping, as well as the warranty, returns and customer service.

6. Ebay

Ebay logo on white background

THEeBay is the largest auction site in the world, and also one of the best shopping and sales sites. All the products you may need are there, with anyone interested to be able to sell your items online, whether professional or amateur.

It stands out for the ease with which we can make international purchases, in addition to the strong consumer protection policy and where the universal payment method is Paypal. Between direct sales and online auctions, this is a diverse and secure platform.

4gnews recommends paying attention to seller feedback and rating, as well as articles. Through eBay you can either buy, auction, or sell the most diverse items online, being generally a safe and reliable site.

7. Gearbest

Gearbest logo on white background

THE Gearbest is the best sales site for those looking for Chinese mobile phones, is attentive to promotions and wants to take advantage of the discount coupon system. In addition to smartphones and gadgets we can also find products for the home and even clothing.

Pay attention to flash sales and quick promotions on various articles to get the best prices. In addition, we recommend some attention when choosing the shipping method, as well as the warehouse from which it is made.

Before buying on this international website, follow our guide to avoid customs problems.

3 recommendations when buying and selling online

1. By buy online checks the reputation of the seller, preferably by crossing data not only from the store in question, but also with a quick Google search. See also the different shipping methods, their waiting times and costs.

2. By sell online, especially technological equipment, remember to make a factory reset, or general system restoration, so that personal and / or sensitive data are not left on the product and are exposed to third parties.

3. Payment method. Choose a secure payment method for both parties such as Paypal for international purchases, or MBWay for purchases and sales in Portugal. Find out about the respective transaction protection policies.

Before you go, discover the best online shopping sites, with useful directions for shopping internationally and in Portugal.

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