740 codes generated and only 216 inserted! What is up?

The current app is called STAYAWAY COVID and is a tool to help fight the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Much has been said and criticized the application, but it is essential to understand how it works and what are the reasons for the low adherence with regard to the introduction of the “infected code”.

So far, 740 codes have been generated and only 216 have been entered into the STAYAWAY COVID application. After all, what is going on for people not to enter the code?

STAYAWAY COVID: 740 codes generated and only 216 entered!  What is up?

As we have been referring, in view of the architecture and documentation, the STAYAWAY COVID app is safe, guaranteeing the privacy of users. However, even then, people don’t seem to trust. The lack of information about the app can be one of the reasons and also the poor analysis of its functionality and purpose.

But after all, why not introduce infected people to the code in the STAYAWAY COVID app?

Apparently it is because of “fear”, but as we have already mentioned there is no reason for that. It is just a code, which identifies nothing, and which activates the function of transferring codes generated by the STAYAWAY COVID app to central servers. That is, when we insert the code, we send the codes that we are spreading to the server. Then everyone else can download and compare with the codes they observed to assess if there was any risk contact

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However, for the administrator of the Porto institute, Rui Oliveira, responsible for the ‘StayAway Covid’ application, there is the the need for health institutions and laboratories to “ally” so that the codes generated in the system match the number of infections.

In fact, it is necessary to raise awareness and information from all doctors about the need to generate codes and how to do it. I know that the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) are starting with several initiatives in this direction

STAYAWAY COVID: 740 codes generated and only 216 entered!  What is up?

Asked about the fact that the number of codes generated and introduced in the application is lower than the number of infections and the number of ‘downloads’, the official said that one of the reasons is due to the difficulty of them “reaching people in time” infected .

A code reaches the infected person after four to five days, that code is valid for 24 hours, so if the person takes more than 24 hours to enter it in the application, it is invalid. On the other hand, if the code takes seven to eight days to reach the person, even if it was generated on the 7th or 8th day, it is useless because the person, however, may have improved.

The mobile application, launched on September 1, allows to track, quickly and anonymously and through the physical proximity between ‘smartphones’, the contagion networks by covid-19, informing users that they have been, in the last 14 days, in the same space as someone infected with the new coronavirus.

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