A Chinese company develops a system to charge cell phones with a hot water bottle

A Chinese manufacturer of space rockets developed a type of insulated water bottle equipped with a thermoelectric chip that converts heat from water into electricity to charge devices.

Researchers from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology aim to harness space thermoelectric technology to benefit everyday life.

Thermoelectric devices are made of materials that can convert a difference in temperature into electricity. Previous research suggested that thermoelectric devices can harvest wasted heat and produce electrical energy to power the batteries of spacecraft.

An alternative charging system.  Photo Shutterstock

An alternative charging system. Photo Shutterstock

As mobile phones acquired more powerful processors and larger touch screen interfaces, their power requirements increased accordingly. However, people they often face the problem of charging their phonesespecially when traveling on trains or camping in the mountains, said lead researcher Ma Wei, quoted by Xinhua.

“Our solution to this problem is a thermoelectric device based on a bottle of water, a source of heat to generate electricity,” Ma said, adding that the invention does not require any electrical source.

The thermoelectric device is embedded in the cap of the bottle, which has a USB charging port. By connecting the recharging cable, the battery charging icon on the mobile screen is activated.

“We have found that the water bottle can provide 20 to 30 minutes of electricity after we pour from 300 to 500 milliliters of boiling water“said Sheng Jiang, a member of the investigation team.

The bottle can also provide electricity for laptops, cameras, and other energy-efficient appliances.

The researchers are now looking to forge a cooperation with companies to commercialize the concept. The product is likely to be priced at 150 yuan (about 23 US dollars) to 200 yuan.

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A thermoelectric chip could make the bottle 200 grams heavier than the same size product on the market, but Sheng said it would be easy to transport as the researchers reduced the weight of the bottle by using an insulating material. lightweight thermal, originally created for spacecraft. to replace the stainless steel bowl.

Emphasizing the safety of the invention, Sheng said that it produces low voltage and has no risk of short circuit.

Chargers, a technology that could change in the coming years

Apple analyzes removing all its ports for version 13 of the iPhone.  Photo: Shutterstock

Apple analyzes removing all its ports for version 13 of the iPhone. Photo: Shutterstock

Chargers are one of the aspects that technology companies try the most to solve, modify and improve.

Apple is still searching for the perfect phone. Everything seems to indicate that the design of the smartphone that debuted in 2007 has not yet reached its final form and the company tries to innovate with each iteration. And a rumor suggests that 2021 could bring us the first iPhone 100% without ports: it was not enough for them to remove the headphone jack, but now they are going for the charger.

Wireless charging is already used by many users and Apple is targeting a mass migration that could solve some problems, but could also bring others.

Now the future it could be on contact charging.


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