Accessory turns the Switch into an arcade

SwitchFighter, launched in crowdfunding, wants to offer the convenience of arcades to Nintendo console players

The great difference of Nintendo Switch to other consoles is the hybrid factor: it can be played as a laptop or connected to a TV. And now a project launched at Indiegogo wants to transform the console into a small arcade as well.

The SwitchFighter is a small device in the shape of an arcade: it has buttons like the Street Fighter arcades, for example, and an opening for the Switch to be docked and function as a screen.

What about games? Well, the console has already received a series of adaptations from arcade classics, being possible to play titles from Capcom (like Street Fighter) and SNK (King of Fighters). If you don’t like playing with conventional controls so much, SwitchFighter offers the option of using arcade controls.

And the SwitchFighter is as versatile as the Switch. In addition to the conventional arcade mode – called the Fighter Mode – the accessory also allows you to connect the console vertically for shooters that use the screen in this position. And still in dock mode, for when the switch is on the TV, with the accessory controls being used in the game.

The SwitchFighter campaign on Indiegogo was launched by the Hong Kong company Kowloon. The objective is to raise approximately R $ 600 thousand. The accessory costs from R $ 370.

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