Amazon now says it did not ask its employees to uninstall TikTok: they claim an email was sent “by mistake”

TikTok continues to speak. After it emerged that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, analyzed ban chinese application, Amazon joined in asking its employees to uninstall the app. But the information, published by the New York Times, was now denied from within Jeff Bezos’ company.

What is your explanation? “An email that was sent by mistake”, they wield in the company of the richest man on the planet.

As the American newspaper had published this Friday, TikTok colluded Trump with Bezos, in an unexpected alliance of two enemies. To the resistance of the North American government management, which is one more round in the trade war with China, an email had been added that reached all Amazon employees to uninstall TikTok.

But this Friday night they denied that it was like this: they said it was “sent by mistake”.

Bezos, at the center of the controversy over TikTok and Amazon.  (AFP)

Bezos, at the center of the controversy over TikTok and Amazon. (AFP)

In the email in question, which had been accessed by The New York Times, Amazon explained that the request to uninstall TikTok was for “security risks”.

“Employees must remove the application from any device that accesses Amazon email,” was the order.

Because of this, employees had to remove the app before Friday in order to get mobile access to their Amazon email, according to the New York Times.

But then Amazon retraced its steps: Company spokesperson Kristin Brown explained: “There are no changes to our policies at this time regarding TikTok.”

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Amazon is the second largest private employer in the United States (some 840,000 jobs worldwide), so the message resonated strongly in the corporate sphere. And above all because it was a measure against a Chinese application, amid growing diplomatic tension where the dispute over technology companies is by no means minor.

TikTok can retain in the clipboard everything the user copies on their phone

Due to the popularity and the enormous number of users that TikTok has, it is undoubtedly the application of the moment, with a mainly young audience for its short and effective videos.

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ByteDance, the company that owns the app, is working to “peel off”Of his ties to the Chinese administration.

In fact, in May they changed their executive director to Kevin Mayer, a former Disney director, to bring positions from Los Angeles, where his offices are located, with the management of Trump.

But the truth is that the safety questions Regarding TikTok they come from a while ago.

TikTok, “feared” by different countries

Security problems reported in internet forums: TikTok and its policies.  (AFP)

Security problems reported in internet forums: TikTok and its policies. (AFP)

Beyond the dispute between the United States and China, last month there was a stir for TikTok, based on an investigation that had a lot of echo in Reddit.

The problem detected was that the application can retain any information that a user copies to the clipboard from the phone, with passwords, phone numbers, contact information and even personal numbers such as social security.

Furthermore, the investigation revealed that information was copied from the used phone hardware, and all this without being completely clear why TikTok needs it.

At least 2 billion people downloaded TikTok worldwide

The truth is that not only with the United States did the app have a problem: recently, Hong Kong prohibited it, based on discrepancies with the national security law that came into effect at the end of last month.

In India was also banned, along with 60 other Chinese applications.

But all these prohibitions go hand in hand with the growing popularity of the app, which began to be used intensively by young people but is already hitting hard in other segments. The concept of short, funny and curious videos, with fleeting editing blows, caught on worldwide. And even public figures began to use it.

TikTok has about 2 billion downloads worldwide, and 170 million of them are in the United States.

Even Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged concerns about the popularity of TikTok, which threatens his empire of Facebook’s product conglomerate.


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