‘Among Us’ is the most downloaded game for smartphones in the third quarter of this year

‘Among Us’ was one of the highlights of the year. On broadcast platforms, there are countless people playing the title every day. With that, it is expected that it will be on top of the most played games in the stores where it is available. Thanks to a recent survey, we can confirm this information.

According to data collected by Sensor Tower, ‘Among Us’ is the number one app store – App Store and Google Play – of the third quarter of 2020. This means that, in that period, there were more than 100 million downloads in the period .

This amount significantly exceeds the second place on the most downloaded list, ‘My Talking Tom Friends’, in more than 68 million downloads. Currently, in the case of Steam, the game is the fourth most played on the platform, behind only ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, ‘Dota 2’ and ‘PUBG’.

As mentioned, the number of transmissions has also grown substantially. According to data from the Twitch streaming platform, the game saw a 650% increase in the number of hours played, in addition to making Discord, a platform for users to chat during the game, have a huge increase in the number of downloads. .

New Features

‘Among Us’, the 2018 game that suddenly became popular in 2020, continues to grow, with independent developer Inner Sloth implementing some new features in the PC version of the title. Although such new features have not yet been formally announced (yet), they arrive shortly after the company gives up on making a sequel and concentrates its efforts on updating and improving the experience of the current game.

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To begin with, a change that has long been asked for assistance from colorblind players: in some ‘Among Us’ tasks, you must connect wires according to specific color indicators, which complicates the life of those who suffer from any special visual needs in this Score. With the update, a new accessibility mode was created, eliminating the problem.

‘Among Us’ gains new features in updating the beta version of the PC. Image: Steam / Reproduo

Another novelty was the inclusion of an option that allows you to hide your votes. When an identified body or a suspicious person is reported to the group, an emergency meeting is called and the match players exchange accusations and defenses about who the impostor / saboteur is.

Previously, votes were open and public, but now they can be hidden by players according to their preferences. Some impostors should benefit from this, since a strategy by them to vote for others in order to dispel any suspicions.

Finally, a change in the taskbar display now allows you to choose how and when it is shown on the screen. It still follows as “always” displayed by default, but players who want to change this can do so in a menu, which now features options like “only in meetings” or “Never”. Respectively, this updates the taskbar to be updated only when a meeting is called or is not shown, making it impossible for the group to know whether a match is nearing its end or not.

Via: The Verge


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