Android 10 is the version of the most effective operating system! You see

It is a known fact that the Android operating system has a lower distribution rate than iOS, for obvious reasons. However, something has changed slightly with Android 10. According to Google, Android 10 had the fastest distribution rate of any version of Android.

It means that Android 10 is coming to devices at a higher speed than all previous versions. Google claims that 5 months after its launch in September 2019, Android 10 was already installed on 100 million devices. In comparison, Android 10 was 28% faster to reach 100 million than Android 9 Pie, the previous version.

Graph showing Android distribution rate

Google claims it has been improving the distribution rate

Through projects like Project Treble (Android 8 Oreo) and Project Mainline (Android 10), Google has made life easier for smartphone makers. These projects facilitate the creation of new updates, for which manufacturers are also responsible.

But it’s not all roses for Google

Although these numbers are positive, Google has yet to reveal the percentage of devices with Android 10 installed, compared to other versions. In terms of comparison, Android 9 Pie was present in 22.9% of devices at the time of the launch of Android 10.

Therefore, if Android 10 increases its presence at the time of the launch of Android 11, it will be another small progress for Google. Still, Android is miles from the iOS distribution numbers, as the number of Apple devices is lower.

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