Android messaging: Google Gboard add-on brings new functionality you’ll love

Google will take the “Android Messages” and “Google Gboard” application to add a new feature that has been a huge success in Gmail.

I am obviously talking about “Smart Compose”. This feature will show possibilities of complementing text in a simple and practical way. However, it appears that it will only be active when Google Gboard is running on the “Android Messages” App.

Google Gbaord and Android Messaging with Smart Compose

In the GIF above you can see the example of this “Smart Compose” working. If you’ve used Gmail recently, this isn’t exactly a novelty because you’ve already seen how useful this new tool is.

Gmail was the first application to be implemented and it seems that the American company intends to bring more features to Apps. The most interesting thing is that the feature manages to improve depending on the weather and seriously helps you in building an email (especially in the most repeated ones).

For now the feature is only in Beta

Not all users with both applications can see the active feature. The new functionality is only active for users with the Beta of both Apps and even then, not everyone can see it.

This leads us to believe that it may take a while to arrive. However, we have the guarantee that it is being worked on.

It also remains for us to know if this implementation will be only with the combination of the two applications. I didn’t mind seeing this tool active on Gboard in all applications. I believe that its implementation is possible, however, Google knows what it does and by restricting this functionality to its Apps, it is inviting more people to use them.

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