Android’s fastest Chrome on the Internet? Google is already handling it

We increasingly rely on smartphones to surf the Internet. These are always with us and are therefore the simplest tool to use for any Google search or to access any website.

We are, of course, dependent on the speed of the network to access these contents. Google now wants to make Chrome on Android even faster and has already started to address the necessary changes. It is an apparently simple process but it will make all the difference.

Chrome Android Google Internet browser

Chrome even faster on the Internet

Anyone who uses the Google browser on Android knows that it tends to reload all the pages that are visited, even if they have already been visited before, regardless of when this happened. It is apparently a waste of time, as these may not have changed.

So, Chrome’s next big thing will be just that. A copy of the page visited earlier by this browser will be saved. Thus, when going backwards or forwards in the browsing history, everything will happen faster and even without data consumption.

Google wants to improve its browser

This novelty is called Back-Forward Cache and has been around in other browsers for some time. Google has just announced it, although it is only now testing the Canary version of this browser, on Android. Soon it will be extended to other versions and even reach the desktop.

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With this change, Google will once again improve Chrome on Android and then on the PC. It will be a simple change in this browser, but it will actually save users a lot of time and speed up Internet browsing.

You can now test the novelty on Android

Anyone who wants to test this novelty of Google’s browser can already do so. You just need to have the Canary version installed on Android and then access the normal address chrome: // flags, used to activate test flags on this Google browser.

Inside, you should look for the flag Back-forward cache and pass your value on to Enable. The browser will be asked to restart after this change. If you want to test the change, you can access this address and perform the tests present at the end.


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