Animal film to play with – “Beyond Blue”: A diving adventure for nature lovers

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – “Beyond Blue” is an educational game about marine animals – and offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vast beauty of the western Pacific.

With the help of a high-tech diving suit, players as marine scientists Mirai scan underwater animals and pursue whale calls – and always have to withstand the pressure of the deep sea.

The core of the game is the lifelike, beautiful underwater world. For example, the movements of the whales, which Mirai and the player dive after, are animated according to the real models – this often looks just fantastic.

Dive, take pictures, relax

“Beyond Blue” is not a classic computer game in which fixed goals have to be reached or even opponents have to be defeated. Relaxed diving and exploring as well as the experience of the animals are clearly in the foreground here. With the help of underwater drones, photos of the sea creatures can be taken or whale songs can be recorded. For example, there is an order to film certain organs from animals in order to provide new research results.

Between dives you move on a small submarine that serves as your home and make phone calls between diver Mirai and her family and colleagues. In these talks, pollution and destruction of the oceans are repeatedly discussed – so a little background story comes into play.

The deep ocean is shown in this genre mix of adventure video game and animal film as probably the last unexplored frontier of humanity. This is definitely worth a dive for younger players too – just like for all nature lovers and fans of rather quiet adventures.

“Beyond Blue” for E-Line-Media is available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, iOS and the PC. A version for Nintendo Switch will follow later.


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