App for iOS reproduces facial expression of users on Unreal Engine

With camera assistance and an augmented reality tool from the iPhone, Live Link Face allows users to project movement of the face, neck and head on characters produced on Unreal Engine

Epic Games announced on Wednesday (8) an iOS application that allows users to project their facial expressions in real time on characters developed on the 3D creation platform Unreal Engine. According to the company, Live Link Face aims to democratize access to virtual production tools.

The application works from Apple’s augmented reality platform, ARkit, and the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera – the technology was introduced in iPhone X and is also associated with the Face ID face recognition unlock feature. Using smartphones, Live Link Face generates data about the user’s head and neck features and movements. This information is passed on to devices connected to the Unreal Engine.

The new tool presents configurations to serve amateurs and also professional game producers, says Epic Games in a publication. The app also allows users to synchronize projections across multiple devices at the same time.


Live Link Face App offers resources to capture artists’ movements in professional stadiums. Image: Unreal Engine / Reproduction

According to the company, Live Link Face will receive future updates with advanced tools for timecode and frame accuracy, two essential parameters in the process of editing clips and games. In addition, the platform offers integration with the “tentacle sync” that allows the app to connect with a master clock during recordings.

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The article does not reveal whether the company is working to bring the novelty to Android phones. However, as Engadget points out, the fact that Android devices have a wide variety of camera configurations can make the application’s compatibility with part of smartphones difficult.

Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine is one of the most popular platforms for creating games and other virtual products. This is the tool responsible for creating the Fortnite game, created by Epic Games itself. The video game engine is expected to win a new version in 2021.

In May, the company released a demonstration, made on a Playstation 5, of the graphics of the fifth generation of the platform. In the video, developers highlight Nanite, a nanotechnology used to create realistic geometric details, and Lumen, a global lighting solution that “immediately reacts to the scene and changes in light”.

Source: Engadget

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