Apple: alleged iPhone 12 case reveals little space inside! (goodbye charger and earphones)

Apple is about to launch on smartphones. The iPhone 12 should arrive with the Pro and Pro Max model, however, there will be a huge difference in these smartphones compared to previous models.

Apparently, Apple will no longer include chargers inside the box. If until now it was just rumors, this alleged inner part of the box, leaves us even more certain.

Alleged interior of the iPhone 12 case

Apple iPhone 12 case

This image came to us from Apple Insider and they certainly guarantee that this is the “mock up” for the case of the next iPhone 12. That is, it is the information that the manufacturers of the smartphone case receive to start producing the product.

Looking at the image we can see that there is not much space for a charger inside. The good news is that it seems that Apple will not intend to take everything away from the customer.

We can see that the square space for typical manuals is extended and the circular part for lightning cables. The earphones are missing, right? Well, unfortunately it will also be removed from the box.

A strategic move by Apple

This move is not made without thinking about the consequences. Apple knows it will hear criticism from customers and competitors, however, this is a clear strategic move.

Firstly, the fact that Apple wants to sell more AirPods. Since the customer is going to buy some earphones because they don’t arrive in the box, it is good that they are the wireless models and more expensive from Apple. Especially because iPhones do not have the typical 3.5 “jack or USB-C input. That is, all earphones with lightning input for sale pay a certain amount to Apple due to the use of their technology.

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Removing the charger involves wanting to direct iPhone customers to wireless solutions. Apple still does not sell its wireless charger, however, rumors say that it will not be long before that happens.

If you’re thinking of selling your iPhone to buy the new iPhone 12, just make sure you don’t sell the wall adapter for charging.

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