Apple Pencil will be able to copy colors from “real life”! Do you know how

Apple is working on a new Apple Pencil that promises to change the lives of those who use this type of gadget for artistic purposes. The new Apple patent promises a totally revolutionary Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil is probably one of the gadgets that is really worth buying if you have a compatible iPad and if you are good at drawing. Many artists are beginning to replace paper and pencils with technological devices like this one.

How will the new Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

According to Apple’s patent, this new Apple Pencil would have surprising functionality. You would just have to point it (next to the object) at a color you wanted to work with and the “pencil” would put that defined color on the iPad to start drawing.

In other words, imagine that you are drawing a flower and you want to capture exactly its color, place the Apple Pecil on top of the flower and the software will do the rest.

Apple Pencil

For this, it is believed that the Apple Pencil will have light sensors and color sensors. In order to more accurately bring the color selected by the user.

When will this Apple Pencil arrive

For now we have to be aware that this information is only a patent. In other words, there is no guarantee that Apple will ever launch this type of gadget.

However, Tim Cook’s company insists on betting on the iPad and the Apple Pencil is always an accessory that is talked about in their product presentations.

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Therefore, it is widely believed that this technology is close to coming. One thing is certain, if Apple has patented the technology it is because it has reasons why competitors should not copy it.

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