Apple questions users about something that could disappear on iPhone 12

Over the past few days there have been reports that Apple can remove the wall adapter from the iPhone 12 case. This will not be the only removal, since its EarPods can also follow suit.

To further increase users’ anxiety, Apple is conducting a consultation with them about what they do with their wall adapters. Certainly to try to understand how important this accessory is to your customers.

Apple wants to know what you do with your old model’s wall adapter

Apparently, Apple is trying to understand what its users do with the charger on their previous iPhone. Some of the possible answers are: I lost the adapter, sold or exchanged it with the iPhone, is using it at home or if you still have it, but don’t use it.

Regardless of what really motivated Apple to conduct this research, it is impossible not to interpret it as a sign of the possible disappearance of the wall adapter in the case of the iPhone 12.

By assessing how important the accessory is to its users, Apple will be able to understand, in advance, the real impact of the measure. However, there is no guarantee that technology will actually choose this path.

It is important to remember that it also consulted its users about removing the 3.5mm jack on the MacBook Pro. However, this component is still present on computers.

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Apple may present four iPhone´s in September

If the rumors are confirmed, Apple is preparing to expand its portfolio. Apparently, there will be four models that the American company will reveal at the end of the summer.

We will have two iPhone 12, with different screen sizes, for consumers with less purchasing power. Additionally, we will have the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, direct successors of the models launched in 2019.

What will differentiate these pairs will be essentially at the level of their screens and cameras. The iPhone 12 will come with a 60Hz refresh rate and a camera with three sensors. Pro models will have 120Hz and four sensors at the rear.

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