Apple warns! Your MacBook screen may break if you do this

If you have a MacBook, this is a warning to keep in mind. Apple has released a statement on its support page, where it warns users not to close their MacBook if they have something to cover the camera.

This is because the screen may break. The same has already happened with some users, which led to Apple being forced to release this document. If you are using something to cover the camera, it is best to remove it whenever you close your MacBook.

It was discovered by the MacRumors page, that Apple now has a support page linked to this problem. This is because the distance between the screen and the keyboard is very short. In addition, this type of coverage can also interfere with the ambient light sensor.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro screen left with the use of a camera cover. Credit: Reddit

Several users reported that they broke the screen this way, and one of the examples was revealed on Reddit with the photo above. Luckily for users who have Apple Care +, this is an accident covered by that program.

What to do for the security of your MacBook

Apple says you can trust the light that tells you when the camera is actually active. In addition, you can always decide which applications are entitled to use the camera (from macOS Mojave), using System Preferences.

It is true that privacy is first, but breaking your computer screen is not something you will want. If you are going to use something to cover the camera, it should be no more than 0.1mm (a sheet of paper), and avoid using something that has adhesive. If you put something thicker than 0.1mm, remove it whenever you close the laptop.

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