Application downloads soared more than 140%

In addition to COVID-19, the theme of the moment is the possible mandatory installation of the STAYAWAY COVID app. António Costa’s government wants some groups of society to be forced to install the app and the country revolted! Fines for those who fail to do so are also high. Certainly, such revolt is only because it may become “mandatory” to install the app, not least because it realizes that many Portuguese people still do not understand how it works internally (the disclosure / presentation of the app clearly failed).

After António Costa’s announcement, the number of downloads skyrocketed!

STAYAWAY COVID: Application downloads soared over 140%

After all, why don’t the Portuguese want to install the app? Certainly, mostly, because they can be “forced”… something that no one likes! As we have already mentioned several times, given all the app’s documentation and architecture, privacy cannot be jeopardized! Everything is anonymous, everything is confidential, unlike many apps that we have installed on our smartphones.

Then comes compatibility with the equipment. It is true that at this level the app could guarantee better support, but this is not exactly a problem with the app, but with the mobile platforms used on smartphones. The problem, in particular, is in the Exposure Notification component which is only available on Android 6 or higher and iOS 13.5 and higher. This means that there are still a good number of smartphones compatible with the app.

STAYAWAY COVID: Application downloads soared over 140%

Number of downloads of the STAYAWAY COVID app skyrockets…

According to the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), between Wednesday and Thursday, the app was downloaded by 177,470 smartphones (Android and iOS). Accounts made is a growth of around 140%. This growth in the number of downloads is certainly due to the popularity of the theme after the Prime Minister’s announcement. Did António Costa get what he wanted?

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The STAYAWAY COVID app, whose installation is voluntary (for now), allows to identify, quickly and anonymously and through physical proximity, the contagion networks by COVID-19. Then, it informs users that they have been in the same 14 space in the same space as someone infected with the new coronavirus.

Remember that…

  • The STAYAWAY COVID app is safe
  • GPS information is not used
  • The app is a voluntary installation
  • No contacts are identified, that is, the data transmitted by the app is completely anonymous
  • There is no record that the app has a negative influence on battery life
  • The person who is infected can decide whether or not to alert other users
  • No registration required

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