Are Google Glasses back? Google “steals” possible Apple Glasses maker

Google was the first manufacturer to bet on the development of smart glasses, promising a revolution that never came. Google Glasses promised an experience worthy of a sci-fi movie, being able to send messages, take / share photos, record videos, browse maps, watch videos and much more.

But, with a price impossible to justify for the final product presented, they ended up ending sales to the public, being only available to companies. Now, after starting to talk about a possible Apple bet, it looks like Google is ready to give Google Glasses a second chance.

Google Glasses North Focals

Google buys one of the possible manufacturers of Apple Glasses

It is important to note that in a phase where nothing is confirmed, the speculation that the North company could become one of the manufacturers of the Apple Glasses has never been confirmed. These rumors started simply because the Focals smart glasses go against the strategy that Apple should follow with the Apple Glasses.

With a multi-million dollar acquisition of around 180 million euros, Alphabet Inc. completed the acquisition of North, which reportedly was facing some financial difficulties. Although it has not been confirmed, it appears that this acquisition was made on Google’s “behalf”.

Until now, North had only marketed one model of smart glasses, the Focals. However, sales were frozen at the end of last year, when they started talking about the launch of Focals 2.0, which were lighter, had a 10x larger screen and reduced technology by up to 40%.

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North Focals

North’s Focals 2.0 could become the Google Glasses we’ve always dreamed of

Although they don’t offer all the features promised by the original Google Glasses, North’s smart glasses have a lot to offer, especially considering that they retain a traditional look. One of the biggest problems with Google Glasses has always been the fact that they made you look like a “super warrior” just out of an episode of Dragon Ball.

Focals are able to present events in the calendar, have Alexa integration (obviously will become Google Assistant), turn-by-turn navigation, “call” an Uber and much more. The control of the interface is made through a ring that offers navigation in four directions.

With its refined technology, bigger screen and even more discreet, it is possible that Google is finally on the right track for the launch of Google Glasses for the common user. Furthermore, judging by the price charged by North in the Focals, it is possible that it will arrive with a price below 500 euros.

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