Are the cameras of smartphones at the level of cameras?

Currently smartphones are almost indispensable equipment for our day to day tasks. In those small pieces of equipment we have practically everything we need, such as the phone, calculator, clock, email, social media, flashlight, camera, among others. Regarding the latter, smartphones have been strongly investing in powerful photographic systems. In this segment many bring with technical specifications that put them very close to the traditional cameras more robust.

This being a topic that always raises some debate, so in this week’s question we want to know if readers consider that the cameras of smartphones are at the level of cameras.

Photography: Smartphone or Camera?

We are regularly reporting new equipment in the world of smartphones, and one aspect that has been noted is the increasing investment by manufacturers in photographic systems.

Some more recent examples come mainly from the Chinese Xiaomi. Smartphones like the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Zoom Edition with a periscope camera for zooming up to 50x, the Xiaomi Mi CC10 that can bring a camera of 108 MP and zoom up to 120x or even a next bet of the brand that may come with a camera with amazing 144 MP really makes consumers wonder if it’s worth buying a camera.

But there are many other examples of models whose photographic characteristics accentuate this dilemma.

On the one hand, there are those who consider that mobile devices do practically all the work of a camera. But on the other hand, especially true photographers or lovers of this world of photography, claim that smartphones will never be able to achieve the results of a true photographic equipment.

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Opinions are divided and Pplware thus seeks to obtain more concrete data on this debate.

Thus, in our question this week, we would like to know if you consider that the cameras of smartphones are at the level of cameras.

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