Australians create promising cancer vaccine

After success in preclinical studies, immunizer that promises to cure countless cancers is ready to be tested in humans

A vaccine developed by a team from Mater Research, an Australian company focused on medical research, in collaboration with the University of Queensland, is the newest promise to revolutionize the worldwide treatment of cancer. After success in preclinical studies, scientists are preparing to test the cancer vaccine in humans.

The vaccine, with the potential to treat different types of cancer and also blood problems, is a major breakthrough in oncology worldwide. “We hope that this vaccine can be used to treat blood cancer, such as myeloid leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma and pediatric leukemias, as well as solid malignancies, including breast, lung, kidney, ovarian and pancreatic cancer and glioblastoma”, said associate professor and researcher Kristen Radford.


Mater Research team of scientists | Photo: Translational Research Institute

The researcher explains that the vaccine developed in Australia is made of human antibodies fused with tumor-specific proteins. “We are investigating its ability to target human cells while activating the memory of tumor cells,” adds the researcher.

According to the professor, the vaccine has several advantages in relation to vaccines still studied against cancer. The mood, she says, is based on early clinical trials. “This prototype vaccine targets the main tumor cells needed to initiate tumor-specific immune responses, maximizing the potential effectiveness of treatment, minimizing possible side effects.”

The study was published in the medical journal “Clinical and Translational Immunology”.

Via: Translational Research Institute

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