Beta test: Facebook’s game streaming is coming

Beta test: Facebook's game streaming is coming.  Facebook's cloud gaming is initially restricted to browsers, Android devices and US testers.

Facebook’s cloud gaming is initially restricted to browsers, Android devices and US testers. Soon the offer should also come to Europe. Photo: (Source: dpa)

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Facebook is also starting to stream games and has now made the offer public as part of a beta test.

The principle: The games run on the company’s servers. Basically only the video images, sound and control signals are transmitted. There is no downloading of the respective game. This concept is also called cloud gaming.

However, at least the test run is limited to Android smartphones and tablets and to users in the USA. While cloud gaming will probably not move up to the iOS app anytime soon, the European launch for the offer also available in desktop browsers should only be a matter of time.

Facebook as a supplement

There are already many cloud gaming services on the German market with Google Stadia, Nvidia Geforce Now, Sony Playstation Now, Microsoft Xbox Game Streaming, Erazer Cloud Gaming or Telekom Magenta-Gaming.

Basically, Facebook understands its mobile cloud gaming as a supplement to console and PC games. “We’re not trying to replace your preferred gaming hardware,” the company explains. The offer is intended more for a quick immersion in games.

Mobile games at the start

The mobile Facebook games should – as usual – be free. For the future, however, the company plans to expand its systems and infrastructure so that other types of games can also be offered. Depending on the game format and developer, games with activated in-app purchases and advertisements would also come.

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In order not to scare the testers off with possibly negative gaming experiences right from the start, Facebook says it only offers “latency-tolerant” games such as “Asphalt 9: Legends”, “Mobile Legends: Adventure”, “PGA Tour Golf Shootout”, “Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale” or “Dirt Bike Unchained”.


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