Bethesda makes ‘Quake II’ available for free; see how to download

During the QuakeCon online event, held last weekend, Bethesda made the original “Quake” game available for free through its PC launcher. The promotion encouraged donations to charities like the Trevor Project (aimed at the LGBTQI + public) and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (institution that fights for racial equality), in addition to giving PC players a new game at no cost, just needing to install and activate the game on the company’s launcher.

Donations to eligible charities during QuakeCon reached $ 30,000 (just over $ 161,000 in direct conversion). Due to the success, Bethesda now continues with the promotion, making “Quake II” available for free for 72 hours. The new promotion started taking effect on Wednesday (12), so there is still time to guarantee your copy of the game free of charge.

To get the game, you only need to log in to Bethesda software during the promotion validity period, as explained here by the company itself. Next week, starting on the 17th, you will be able to do it again, but this time to guarantee the third game in the saga, “Quake III”, also for free.

The first game in the series was released in 1996, and was very well received by critics and players. “Quake” was famous for being the first shooter in first person (FPS) with all graphics modeled in 3D. Bethesda’s promotion allows you to remember an FPS classic without the hassle of finding a lost CD somewhere in the house.

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Bethesda announces expansion of “Doom Eternal”

Bethesda announced the first expansion of “Doom Eternal”. The announcement was made during QuakeCon, the developer’s annual event that took place between 7 and 9 August, online.

Named “The Ancient Gods”, the DLC promises to please all Bethesda fans. An official trailer was revealed during the event, causing great euphoria in his fans. The official launch will take place on August 27, marking the conference that opens Gamescom, a fair that will be held in Germany. On occasion, the full game trailer will also be presented.

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