“Biped” is a game about teamwork

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Small robots on a long journey: In “Biped” from developer Next Studios from Shanghai, Sila and Aku are sent to earth to ignite a kind of beacon. This is the only way the two metal heroes can return to their homeland.

To reach their destination, the two likeable tin cans have to travel through dangerous deserts, enchanted ruins and other dangerous places, solving puzzles or overcoming obstacles. They are dependent on each other – teamwork is required. Without question: “Biped” is best played in pairs.

Unusual controls

Admittedly, there are currently not very few cooperative jumping games on the market. “Biped” is still something special, which is mainly due to the unusual controls.

The highlight: Here you move one of the two robot legs with the analog sticks of the controller, on the PC the left and right mouse button take over this job. This initially takes some getting used to and produces a lot of slapstick inserts, because at first the little robots seem barely controllable. But with a little practice that changes quickly.

As a team over hill and dale

Once you have got used to it, some clever puzzles can be solved by cleverly combining the steps. For example, there are always platforms that are color-coded and that only a specific robot with a specific leg can touch. Elsewhere, players have to swing from rope to rope to climb a mountain.

So there is plenty of variety – and also a lot of communication on the sofa. Because in order for the cooperative climbing and puzzling to be as accident-free as possible, the players have to coordinate a lot: Who is going to take the next step? And who is going where? If you prefer to be silent while playing, you can also play “Biped” solo.

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“Biped” is available for download on PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It costs about 15 euros.


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