BlackBerry is back with Android and promises news for next year

BlackBerry was once one of the most important mobile technology companies on the market. However, the appearance of Android and iOS dragged the brand to the streets of bitterness, but it seems that it is not yet ready to give up.

When everything seemed to have come to an end, here is a new hope for the Canadian brand. A new licensing agreement for the use of the BlackBerry brand has been signed with OnwardMobility and the first fruit will arrive in the first half of 2021.


New BlackBerry promises a smartphone compatible with 5G for 2021

OnwardMobility is committed to resurrecting what made BlackBerry so popular in its heyday. For this, the next smartphone to bear the Canadian brand will come with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

Although details about the next BlackBerry are scarce, we already know that it will continue to use Android as an operating system and will be compatible with 5G networks. However, don’t expect this to be a top of the range,

The main responsible for OnwardMobility said that the next BlackBerry smartphone will have to be competitive, even in price. For this, the company does not idealize the perfect equipment for productivity or the safest on the market. The idea is to create something for daily use.


Still, BlackBerry’s new life will again have the business market as its primary target. In a phase in which remote work has been privileged, the brand wants to design a product for work outside the home.

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Is it from this that BlackBerry regains its influence in the market?

Unfortunately, we cannot say that the brand has everything to be a success in the market. And it is not necessary to go far back in time to realize this sad reality.

It was in 2015 that BlackBerry rose from the ashes, under the purview of TCL, with Priv. This was the first BlackBerry smartphone with Android and with a clear focus on security.

The following years brought us more BlackBerry devices with Android, but always without reaching relevant levels of popularity. With the TCL license under the BlackBerry brand ending soon, the startup American OnwardMobility is confident she can do better.

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