Brazil is the fifth country in which most time is spent on games

Research by Comscore also found that the category of electronic games reaches 70% of the digital population in the country

The game market in Brazil is no longer a male domain. According to a survey by Comscore, women represent 49% of the public, in addition to being the majority in online games. The country is still the only one in Latin America that ranks in the top five in the global ranking of gamers, and in terms of the average monthly hours spent per user, it has already passed China and India.

Spending more than 9 hours a month on average, Brazilian gamers now number 73 million users on mobile alone. Brazil is still the 4th country in the world with more users of game applications, behind only India.

The survey collected data until March, that is, a picture of the electronic games market in Brazil just before the Covid-19 pandemic. For the Director General of Comscore in Brazil, Eduardo Carneiro, the fact that people have been in social isolation for the past few months should accelerate a process of market growth that was already happening.

“We are currently preparing a study to assess the impact of the new coronavirus on this market. But I can safely say that we will see a substantial increase in the number of users and in the average time, which should decrease as society returns to normal – however, at a level above . It happened in months what should happen in years “, evaluates the executive.

Comscore / Reprodu

Comscore / Reproduction

The numbers also reflect a cultural shift. In addition to gender equivalence, women over 35 and men over 45 are the ones who spend the most time playing. “The adult audience has more autonomy to decide what they do with their free time and they have a better device to play with. But there is another detail: this audience consumes more traditional games, which take more time, and only in the puzzle style – which it was played before. So what happens is a migration from offline to online “, says Carneiro.

This trend can be seen when analyzing the favorite games of each audience. 8 Ball Pool, Candy Crush, Quize and Garden Scapes are the most played among women, while the male audience prefers Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Clash Royales and Call of Duty: Mobile. Another surprising figure shows that 61% of people occupy positions of Director / Upper Management play occasionally, and 25% declared to have at least one console.

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