Brazilian school group creates studio and launches game on Steam

Students from a Brazilian games school founded a studio called Studio FG934 and launched ‘Robotic Learn’ on theSteam, the developers’ first game.

The game developed by the stadium is a strategy challenge in which the player incorporates the role of a robot and has to go through several puzzles to increase his cognitive capacity of Artificial Intelligence.

The game has a first person view and, through simple mechanics, the player must take the energy blocks from each of the connectors to activate elevators, points and mobile platforms in order to reach new points at the factory levels, where the game takes place. Each level has traps that can prevent the player from advancing.

“The game is very good. We have to think and have skill, because it has several challenges and puzzles. I loved it!”, Evaluated a player who bought the game on Steam.


According to Zion, the technical school that formed the team, its objective will be the largest educational institution in the training of digital professionals in Latin America by 2025. Credits: Divulgao / Zion

“It is very simple and easy to play, good for spending time or for children and cousins ​​to play when they visit your home. It is not a challenge at first, but in the end it is quite complex. The end has an interesting twist ”, said another player in the comments about the game.

How to download Robotic Learn

To access the strategy game, first, I need to log in or create an account on the Steam platform through the website or the application. To do the account, just look on the ‘start session’ field at the top right, after that just follow the website’s guidelines to finalize the registration.

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With the account made, go to the search tab, type ‘Robotic Learn’ and press the ‘enter’ key. Search for the correct game and click on it. Now, just add the game to your cart and click on the ‘buy for my account’ field or, if it’s a gift, click on ‘buy as a gift’.

The next page asks you to indicate the payment method. You can select between boleto bancário, Paypal or traditional credit card. Choose your preferred mode and click on ‘continue’. Then, just pay the ticket or, if you have paid by card, wait for the payment confirmation on the Steam website.


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