Bright meteor rips the sky over the Sertão do Pernambuco; understand

A large meteor of intense brightness was seen in the sky of the Serto de Pernambuco, about 400 kilometers from the capital Recife, on Wednesday night (15). According to the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network (Bramon), the phenomenon happened at 18h59 (from the time of Braslia) and arose between Carnaba, Serto de Pernambuco, and Princesa Isabel, Serto da Paraba.

Called blido, the phenomenon occurs when a bright meteor explodes in the Earth’s atmosphere. “The object, of course it was seen, was certainly a meteor. When it is very bright, we also call it a solid. This type of phenomenon is formed when a fragment of space rock reaches the Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed. Due to this high speed, the atmospheric gas in front of this rock ends up heating up and this heating generates the glow that we see also causes this fragment of rock to end up vaporizing “, explained Marcelo Zurita, technical director at Bramon.

In this case, after appearing in the sky of Pernambuco, the blush went in the southeast direction and disappeared in the southern region of Arcoverde, a municipality located in the Serto of Pernambuco. Jaciara Costa, a student who lives in the municipality of Matureia, also in the Serto de Pernambuco, witnessed the phenomenon. “I was on the sidewalk and I saw a clear in the sky, a fireball. Then I heard a noise. If I didn’t look right, it looked like a plane falling. It was very fast,” said Costa.

For the time being, Bramon still does not know the orbit in which the meteorite blued or mass occurred. “In the case of yesterday, we have not yet calculated the size and mass, but we believe that it was a piece of rock of half a meter. And, from the images, we believe that some fragments of that rock have resisted the atmospheric passage, reaching the These fragments we call a meteorite, “said Zurita. Research on the phenomenon should resume this Thursday (16th).

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Antnio Carlos, a civil servant and resident of the Pernambuco municipality of Sertnia, 87 kilometers from Carnaba, reported that “the noise of the explosion was out of the ordinary, greater than a thunderstorm”. Also according to the public official, he and his father only discovered that it was a meteor when they saw the news on social networks.

There’s no need to worry

In an interview with the G1 portal, Thiago Signorini, doctor of astrophysics and professor of astronomy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), explained that the phenomenon is common. “A few thousand happen [de blidos] a year, but we can’t always detect them, “said Signorini.” In this case, it ended up drawing a lot of attention because it was seen in some regions, in several cities in the Northeast. But they are relatively common things, they do not pose any risk. Any meteor that could present a risk, would be detected before reaching Earth “, reassured the astrophysicist.

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