Buy a smartphone without accessories? Only if it’s cheaper! (poll results)

We recently asked our readers whether they would be able to buy a smartphone without the accessories we are used to. We talk, of course, about the charger and the earphones. This is because according to rumors, Apple will not include accessories on the iPhone 12 and Samsung is considering doing the same.


Smartphone without accessories has to be cheaper (44%)

Most of our readers agree that if manufacturers are going to stop including accessories in the box, there must be a reduction in the price at the end of the equipment. After all, if we round it up, it’s about 40-50 euros less on a smartphone without accessories.

In the case of Apple, a set of socket plus original Lightning cable totals 50 euros. If this change is not reflected in the price of the equipment, the consumer will feel quite “stolen”.

Buying a smartphone without accessories is unacceptable (29%)

For the second majority of our readers, it just doesn’t make sense to buy a mobile phone without the right accessories. In fact, the convenience argument is the biggest one in favor of consumers. Since the advent of smartphones, chargers have always been included.

Using the included charger is a habit (23%)

Many of us have a drawer full of chargers at home. However, this does not justify denying the consumer the accessory. After all, who wants to buy a smartphone and then have to buy the charger separately and risk not finding it for some reason?

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Environmental argument is the most convincing

In my view, the argument about the environment makes the most sense. The truth is that we are constantly producing technology, which leads to electronic waste, which is extremely difficult to recycle. With fewer chargers running, the load would be lightened.

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