Capcom suffers ransomware attack – Olhar Digital

Capcom confirmed yesterday that it was the target of a ransomware campaign. According to the Bleeping Computer website, the gang of cybercriminals Ragnar Locker accessed the company’s computers, stole more than a third of confidential files and encrypted the content of more than 2,000 devices. The equipment was connected to the networks of their offices in Japan, the United States and Canada.

A “ransom request” was found on Capcom’s systems. The group claims to have stolen files from the finance department, bank statements, personal data of customers and employees and much more.

The ransom amount was not mentioned. Bleeping Computer cites security researcher @ pancak3lullz, who claims to have seen part of the stolen data and says it is worth 11,000 bitcoins. At the current rate, that would be 170.3 million dollars or 930 million reais.

Capcom ransomware

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