Car automation company wants to implement AI on satellites

Hungarian startup announced partnership to develop an artificial intelligence platform that allows satellites to process the collected data before sending it back to Earth

AImotive, a Hungarian startup that provides automated steering technologies, announced a partnership with satellite company C3S to develop an artificial intelligence platform to be applied in space by 2021.

The idea is to adapt AImotive’s AIWare neural network accelerator for use in satellites – which have a set of operational conditions that resemble cars, but with stricter requirements in terms of energy management and environmental operational risks.

“It is always expected, to a certain extent, that satellites will have an autonomous and intelligent operation. However, the solutions currently deployed are highly dependent on ground stations,” affirmed AImotive in its official statement. “Typically, satellites collect commercial or scientific data and send it without pre-processing. This is insufficient in the use cases that require immediate action, for example, natural disasters, accurate agricultural solutions, forecasting and alerting based on remote sensing data and cargo tracking “.

This can result in a long delay between collecting data and delivering processed data to customers. AImotive’s technology can mean that processing takes place locally, on the satellite where the information is captured.

“The results of this collaboration are expected to accelerate the commercialization of a wide range of services for specialized applications, such as telecommunications, Earth and space observation, docking support and asteroid mining,” says the company.

Via: Techcrunch

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