These leaked features will make Google Maps so much far better

Google Maps instructions will get even superior on Iphone and Android before long, as Google is performing on a new feature to improve the all round commuting encounter for customers who want community transit to driving. Proof in an unreleased model of Google Maps displays the application will let customers customize the “first mile” of … Read more

The initially coronavirus vaccines could be authorized before the November election

Quite a few coronavirus vaccine candidates have arrived at state-of-the-art screening phases, displaying promising effects on volunteers who have gained immunizations. Closing analysis success could be ready at some stage this tumble for some of the probable COVID-19 prophylactics, and they may possibly be licensed for emergency use right before the end of 2020. Jefferies … Read more

Google quietly launched another social network

Google just launched a new social network project that seems to draw inspiration from the popular Pinterest. Google Keen is a service that lets people save items related to their interests, share their keens, and explore the board of other people. The service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify content that matches your … Read more

Fauci says coronavirus science-deniers are hurting us all

  The US government’s response to the novel coronavirus health crisis has been met with an anti-science bias from some Americans, Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a new interview. The infectious disease expert said some people do not believe scientific facts and authority, and that can be a real problem. Fauci also defended recent lockdowns … Read more

You’ll apparently have Jony Ive to thank – or blame – for Apple’s smart glasses gamble

Former Apple design chief Jony Ive hit reset on the company’s first AR and VR headset project, according to a new report, pushing for a controversial design that traded some performance in favor of portability. Though the Apple smart glasses aren’t expected to be launched for another couple of years at least, previous leaks have … Read more

This could be the most dangerous Android phone of 2020 for Google – BGR

OnePlus’s upcoming OnePlus Z price might be a lot cheaper than anything we could have envisioned, which could put further strain on competitors — especially Google’s unreleased Pixel 5 flagship. The OnePlus Z and Pixel 5 are rumored to feature the same Snapdragon 765 processor, so they’ll feature roughly the same overall performance. The new … Read more

New revelation may change everything we know about coronavirus antibodies – BGR

Coronavirus antibody tests have shown that asymptomatic patients are more likely to show low levels of COVID-19 antibodies in the bloodstream as soon as two to three months after the infection. Low levels of antibodies do not indicate an increased risk of reinfection, however, as the immune system also develops a memory of the encounter … Read more

Free games in June – Sony is giving away two first-person shooters

racing games

With Sony’s Playstation Plus online gaming subscription, players get new free games every month. The service attracts with a special highlight in June. For whom is the offer worthwhile? What is Playstation Plus? Playstation Plus is an online gaming subscription for PS4 owners. Among other things, customers get access to free titles for their console. … Read more

These games from the 80s also run on your PC

Those who lack the computing power for current computer games can resort to classics from the 80s. The games of our selection are guaranteed to run on old PCs – and indulge in nostalgia. The first computer games appeared about 50 years ago. Back then dismissed as a hobby for nerds, games have now become … Read more