Ride with the bull people

Photography For four years, Gaëlle Henkens and Roger Job photographed the Camargue manadiers and herdsmen. Reflection of this living tradition, Black Sun is a work of authentic beauty prefaced by Patrick de Carolis. “The journey on horseback introduces the rider to a new interpretation of the world”. Sylvain Tesson, Small treatise on the immensity of … Read more

The Instagram generation’s paradise

Photography It may seem strange, but museums intended to offer you a dream setting for your photos do exist. And it works. Pink palm trees, giant macaroons and a pool of pearls: the colorful decorations of the new Selfie Museum in Budapest are tailor-made to seduce the “Instagram generation” eager to take the stage on … Read more

5 tips for shooting shooting stars

Photography Until August 17, it will be possible to see shooting stars pass in our sky. The perfect opportunity to spend an evening admiring them and trying to take pictures of them. If you like everything related to astronomy, you will have to observe the sky in the coming days. Until August 17, you can … Read more

These photos denounce abandonment by capturing the unconditional love between man and animal

“Unconditional Love”, the series by French photographer Pamela Chemla, gives pride of place to the human-animal relationship. The abandonment of animals is a real scourge and summer is a particularly critical period. In Belgium, it is estimated that 165 animals are abandoned every day, or 60,000 per year. It is with her camera that Pamela … Read more