artificial neurons were able to communicate with biological neurons

A new stage in the development of artificial neurons and synapses has just been crossed. European and British researchers have in fact managed to connect biological and artificial neurons and have them communicate via the Internet. An important advance As advanced as the supercomputers are, they are still far from competing with the human brain. … Read more

How to explain space-time?

– andrey_l / Some theories confirm that time passes more slowly in space rather than on Earth. It seems that space itself makes time slow when you take a special trip at a very high speed. The notion of time and space obeys several often inexplicable physical laws which require observation, reflection, analysis and … Read more

This experimental device would allow a throughput of 10 terabits per second

American scientists have developed a prototype DSL-based system that could theoretically provide a speed of 10 terabits per second, when the optical fiber peaks at “only” 10 gigabits per second. Explanations. A DSL-based system with phenomenal speed This radical leap would be made possible by switching to an extremely high frequency for data transfer, which … Read more

This physicist is trying to find the theory that ties all aspects of physics together

– lev radin / Physicist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram has just launched a major challenge: finding a new fundamental theory of physics. To this end, he created a project that calls on scientists or anyone with knowledge of physics to develop the theory. A physics project of all splendor Stephen Wolfram, physicist, computer scientist … Read more

Researchers have created a nanoscale carbon structure stronger than diamond

Considered one of the hardest materials found on Earth, diamonds serve as a reference for many researches aimed at creating structures that surpass its solidity. Recently, researchers from the University of California at Irvine (UCI) managed to create a nanoscale carbon structure with a much higher strength / density ratio. Leave the cylindrical arrangement in … Read more

Steel becomes lighter, flexible and resistant thanks to chemical engineering

– PhotoStock10 / High carbon steel is no longer relevant. Now, the physical properties of steel have evolved thanks to research carried out by an international team led by Hao Chen of Tsinghua University. The researchers used chemical engineering of the limits or CBE to make the steel lighter, more flexible, and yet ultra … Read more

Researchers design ferroelectric material less than a nanometer thick

– Olga Miltsova / The increasingly small size of electronic components means that the technology that powers them adopts a similar scale. One of the main challenges for scientists, therefore, is to identify materials that prove to be both ultra-thin and efficient. A major advance in the field of ferroelectricity A team of researchers … Read more

The laws of physics would not be as “stable” as scientists imagined

Australian researchers have just made a strange and exciting discovery. According to their work, the electromagnetic force could vary in certain parts of the Universe. Explanations. The Universe would have a partially dipolar structure With gravity, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force, theelectromagnetism is one of the four fundamental interactions ofUniverse. To … Read more

Discovery of the neural circuit driving physical reactions due to emotional stress

Japanese researchers have discovered a neural circuit driving physical responses to emotional stress. This is located in the deep areas of the brain, called the dorsal peduncle cortex and dorsal tecta tenor (DP / DTT), which send stress signals to the hypothalamus, a small region of the brain that controls the vital functions of the … Read more

These researchers managed to create an unprecedented prototype of quantum radar

Physicists have recently developed a working “quantum radar” prototype that uses the phenomenon of quantum entanglement to detect objects. A system that could ultimately surpass conventional radar in certain circumstances. A complex phenomenon Thequantum entanglement describes the strange state in which two particles can become so closely linked that they seem to communicate instantly, no … Read more

Scientists discover immense unidentified structures enveloping the Earth’s core

– Pavel Chagochkin / Based on a new method of analyzing seismic data, this research reveals that the imposing blocks of dense matter located at the limit between the nucleus and the mantle of the planet are much more widespread than scientists previously estimated. . An algorithm dedicated to the study of stars to … Read more