NASA will land tomorrow on the asteroid Bennu

After orbiting the asteroid Bennu for almost two years, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft finally landed on it tomorrow. The event marks a big step for NASA and will be broadcast live from 18h on Braslia’s schedule. Landing is scheduled for 19h. The landing has the objective of collecting rock materials and bringing them to Earth for … Read more

Icelandic supermarket sends chicken nugget to space

The Icelandic supermarket chain Iceland Foods recently completed 50 years of activity and celebrated the occasion in the most unusual way possible: from its central office located in Deeside, a densely industrial region in northern Wales, the company launched a nugget of chicken into the terrestrial stratosphere. The action was not without reason, strange as … Read more

SpaceX Cargo and Crew Dragon probes may be in orbit

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace company, revealed that it has sent the first updated Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft, model adapted for cargo transportation, to Florida, United States, from where its vehicles are launched. At the same time, SpaceX is preparing to launch the Crew Dragon spacecraft, specially designed to transport crew members, as part of the … Read more

Black holes may contain ‘fractal mini-universes’

Columned to the scientific news platform Live Science, astrophysicist Paul Sutter commented on the surprising implications found in new research on a hypothetical type of black hole that would contain an inner “fractal universe” that would break all laws of physics. “It would be a fractal mini-universe, repeating itself infinitely from large to small scales,” … Read more

Using AI, astronomers assemble the largest 3D catalog in the universe

Using public astronomical data and an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, researchers at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hava no Mānoa produced the largest 3D catalog of stars, galaxies and quasars in the world. The file, of approximately 300 GB, is available for consultation by scientists and enthusiasts. The team used data from the … Read more