Cell phones without charger: the brands that join Apple’s initiative

It should be remembered that very recently it was announced that the new iPhone 12 will come without a charger or headphones and Apple users put “the cry in the sky” to find other alternatives.

The company immediately on its official website claimed that this measure seeks reduce electronic waste. So also LG decided and now it seems that Huawei also wants remove your charger in the box.

The measure – which is not yet resolved – is because the Chinese company launched a survey on one of its next products to hit the market and asked its users what they thought about whether or not the charger is included in the box.

The survey was specifically based on the launch of some new huawei earphones And to be more specific, users were asked whether or not they think the product requires a Type-C cable in the box.

One of the more direct questions that would indicate that Huawei plans to follow in Apple’s footsteps in the future was: Will your purchase decision be affected by the lack of this item?

When the launch of the 4 iPhone models without charger or earphones in their boxes was officially presented, it was not only a great surprise for fans of the brand but also a great controversy.

Regardless of the company’s well-founded arguments, the brands Samsung and Xiaomi they joined the marketing war. From the official Samsung account they published a tweet benefiting from this decision by Apple:

Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. From a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen in a smartphone.

From Xiaomi they did not wait long to publish something similar on their social networks and from their official account in Spain they also published a tweet that said: Good morning MiFans, today we dreamed that our smartphones came without a charger in the box. Fortunately it was just a nightmare.

On the other hand, Xiaomi Global also published a quick unboxing with a video of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro model where the first thing that can be seen when opening the box is the charger with a tweet that said: Don’t worry, we don’t leave anything out of the box with the Mi 10T Pro.

The problem is that both brands can at some point also eliminate the charger on their phones. And this information is already known because at least Samsung seems to be contemplating it.

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Apple always sets trends and more than once other companies are not ashamed to follow suit. It is the case of the company LG who decided to remove the charger from the package of the LG G8X ThinQ model for the Indian market.

This decision was made to deliver it during these Christmas sales on Flipkart and the goal is to start lowering the price on this type of smartphone. The truth is that the savings for users who buy it without cable are doubtful, since they will have to buy a charger if they do not have a compatible one.


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