Change your car icon on Google Maps? Yes, it is also possible

Will there ever be a time when the Google Maps developer teams don’t develop news? Apparently not and these are constantly appearing, not always clearly or announced by the company itself.

Once again this moment happened and a discreet and different from the usual one appeared. It is now possible to change the car icon you use on Google Maps whenever you are traveling on this service.

Google Maps car travel icon

Google has something new that nobody noticed

Google has been improving the Maps interface to make it even better and more appealing to use. Users are grateful and try to exploit these novelties to the fullest.

For the most recent, Google simply did not alert users and made it public. Nor has the support page for this component been updated and it still maintains outdated information. Despite this, everyone can now test this novelty.

How to change your car icon

With version 10.52.2 of Google Maps, users can now change their car icon while traveling. For that they must create a new trip and start it in the normal way. When the position icon appears, just click on it.

Immediately the news they expected will appear, with the list of new icons you can use here. We are talking about 3 cars that can now be used to represent your vehicle on future trips. These are a light car, an SUV and a truck.

This makes Maps even more interesting

Whenever they want, they can repeat this process and change the car icon associated with the trips again. There are not as many proposals as in other services, but at least it allows to change the Google Maps interface a little more.

With this new feature, Android Maps is similar to what iOS already had. Now it is simple to change the car, defining what we want to see on the map whenever we make a simple trip on this excellent service from Google.


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