Cheap smartphones will have a much better camera thanks to Google

Entry-level smartphones are far from having the best photographic sensors on the market and that is understandable due to their prices. However, Google will make them behave much better in night shots.

The Camera Go application – available on Android Go devices – started to receive Night mode. This is the software that everyone has praised on Pixel smartphones and that produces amazing photographs when light is scarce.

Night mode is now available on some Android Go devices

The availability of this feature will be phased, but models such as Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Wiko Y81 have already started to receive this novelty. In the future, Google also promises the availability of HDR mode in its application for the camera.

As with Pixel smartphones, Night mode will significantly improve your smartphone’s camera results when light is scarce. For this, the camera will take several pictures and then put them together to generate the best possible result.

In the video promoting this novelty we can see some examples of how Night mode will behave on Camera Go. When compared to previous results, we see significant improvements.

Camera Go Night mode

Still, these are far from what we are used to seeing on Pixel smartphones. Something understandable given the limitations of the sensors and processors present in the input equipment.

In any case, Google shows us, once again, that software can work miracles. It is amazing how a simple software update can improve both the performance of a camera.

With the future addition of HDR in the Camera Go app, daytime results will also undergo major improvements. If you have a smartphone with Android Go, get ready, because your camera will soon be much better.

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