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US journalist tested PS5 control and made observations about Sony’s changes to DualShock4

Journalist Geoff Keighley had a privilege that many would like to have: he tested the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5. And, by his description, Sony got it right with changes made to the old DualShock 4.

Keighley posted the 25-minute video with remarks about DualSense on the channel of The Game Awards, a game award designed by the journalist. He tested the Astro’s Playroom game, which comes installed on all PS5 units.

From a technical point of view, DualSense bets on haptic feedback, which allows different types of vibrations depending on the sensation of immersion that the developer wants to pass. In addition, the controller has something that Sony describes as “adaptive triggers”, incorporated into the buttons R2 and L2, which allows “to feel the tension of your actions, like drawing a bow to shoot an arrow”.

In his observations about the time spent with the controller, Keighley confirmed that adaptive triggers really add more “feel” to the controller, and that the feature has the potential to transform gameplay in games for years to come. The journalist also praised the haptic feedback, saying that it adds more layers to the rumble and allows you to “feel the ice, or the sand” when walking on terrain, for example.

Although the controller is larger than the PS4’s DualShock, Keighley said the weight difference is not very large, and that the DualSense is more ergonomic and fits better in the hands than the old controller.

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And when will the PS5 be released?

In the video, Keighley also interviewed Eric Lempel, senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company’s gaming division. The executive dismissed the possibility of PS5 sales starting soon, and said Sony would detail everything in the future.

“We will let you know when the pre-sale will start. It is not something that will happen at any time,” he explained.

Sony has already talked a lot about the PS5: we know some of the main games, the appearance of the console, and now we have seen the controller up close. Sony still needs to disclose price and release date. Regarding the latter, the company only says that the console will come out by the end of the year. And, about the first, nothing so far.

Via: Cnet

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