Confirmed! Xiaomi Mi 11 won’t even bring charger in its box

With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple innovated in an area where few expected change. He decided not to put in the box of this smartphone the normal charger and earpods that always accompanied this equipment.

The decision was based on environmental concerns and was disruptive in several ways. Several brands immediately came to mark their position, revealing that they were not going to follow the same path. This is present to change and the first seems to be Xiaomi. The Mi 11 will not even bring the charger when it is presented.

Xiaomi Mi 11 charger box smartphone

Apple opened a new trend

Competing brands from Apple have been showing for several months that their next devices will keep the charger. In publications shared on the Internet, they came to show that Apple’s decision was not the right one and that users want and need this element.

Xiaomi was one of those who followed this path, showing what their position would be in the future. The truth may not be that and very soon it will be shown that the decision may not be so wrong. Interestingly, now they seem to be wanting to remove that evidence from the past.

Xiaomi will remove the charger from the next smartphone

In the case of Xiaomi, it was Lei Jun himself, the company’s CEO, who confirmed that the Mi 11 will not bring the normal charger in its box. In a publication made on the Weibo network it revealed the box of this new smartphone that the company will present at the beginning of the year.

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It was with the following sentence that everything was confirmed: “In response to the appeal of technology and environmental protection, the included charger is removed from the box. I hope to get your support. There is a better solution between industry practice and environmental protection“.

Revealed the case of this smartphone

Interestingly, and by an external source of information, arrived via Twitter, it was revealed that there may be more changes. It was the well-known Ice Universe leaker who hinted that the Xiaomi Mi 11 could have other news.

This seems to be a change that is here to stay and that certainly all brands will take over soon. After Xiaomi we should see Samsung with the same decision on the Galaxy S21 and many more. It remains to be seen whether these can be replaced by wireless chargers.


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