Cono Reels, the new competitor of Tik Tok

Instagram, property of Facebook, announced today the launch of Reels within the social network, a new way of sharing videos that wants to compete with TikTok, become a leader in this segment and now faces an uncertain future in U.S for its Chinese capital.

Reels enter to compete with TikTok, which has about 100 million users in the United States, at a time when the application, owned by China Bytedance, negotiate your sale to Microsoft or you risk being banned in state United, as the American president has threatened, Donald trump, which alleges national security reasons.

The launch of Reels starts today in 50 passes, among them U.S, France, Kingdom United and Japan.

It will also be accessible in Brazil, where since last year Facebook tried Reels, and in India, which in June prohibited the use of TikTok and others “app“Chinese after the military confrontation with dead Indian soldiers in a disputed border area.

The new service Instagram allow to create videos of 15 seconds with many of the components that made TikTok unique, such as editing tools, augmented reality and integration of music in the content.

In addition, it will focus more on the consumption of video content, something that is also behind the success of TikTok, one of the “apps“Fastest growing in recent years.

Reels It also emulates the focus on content creators, celebrities, and on showing recommendations based on overall popularity, not so much on individual user preferences.

Instagram, with 1 billion of users around the world, behind the powerful ecosystem of Facebook to face TikTok, which, according Trump, stop operating in U.S on September 15 if it does not go from Chinese to American capital.

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