develop an app to avoid crowds in shops

The pandemic of coronavirus forced many commercial premises to reinvent itself and adapt to new protocols to continue serving the public. Faced with this new reality, the need arose to resort to technological solutions to simplify the customer experience when it comes to physically go to a store.

One of the solutions that were launched is the #FollowYo app, an application that allows customers reserve your place in the line of your favorite shops, remotely or in person, and in real time.

The app allows reduce crowds on premises so that businesses can provide a better experience taking care of the health of its clients. The use of the tool is self-managing and converges in the same application, both for businesses and users.

The application is intended for cany local business that seeks to improve care protocols and organize entry to their premises, replacing at the time the traditional lines; and for clients who seek to optimize their time avoiding face-to-face queues.

It is free for both businesses and customers, simple, self-manageable and easy to implement for merchants.

How to use the #SigoYo app

SigoYo is the app that allows you to reduce crowds in the premises.

SigoYo is the app that allows you to reduce crowds in the premises.

To get the application, just go to and download the Android or iOS version. Then customers can choose whether they are at home or at the store, in which case they can take their turn and wait for the application to indicate that they are close to being served.

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The merchant, for his part, must first register and register the premises, to immediately manage the registration of shifts in real time.


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