Did you know this way of starting a secret conversation in Messenger?

Facebook has been improving Messenger and creating new features that make it easier to use and with new features. One of the most interesting ones launched recently was the disappearing conversations.

These allow you to create conversations that disappear after a while, but Messenger has another even more interesting capability. Secret conversations are even more ephemeral and there is a way to be called that few should know. We’ll show you how to do it.

Messenger secret conversation Facebook messages

Secret Messenger conversations simple to access

If the conversations that disappear have a limited validity, existing only when the windows are open, the secret conversations are even more ephemeral. They only last a few seconds and disappear as the words change.

If the majority calls this feature through the definitions of each conversation, the truth is that there is a simpler way to keep them in mind. It does not require any Facebook Messenger conversation or configuration to be opened.

Just search Facebook contacts

Start by clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner of Messenger. This will open a search area, where you can choose the desired contact. Just search and, before choosing the contact, you must activate the option with the padlock, which is at the top.

The secret conversation with the contact will open immediately, showing this indication in the window dedicated to it. If users want to, they can change the message lifetime here after being viewed.

Messages disappear quickly

Just click on the clock in the text area and an area with several time options will open. The user only needs to choose the validity of these messages and thereafter they will be removed at the end of that time.

This is a simpler option to ensure that messages between 2 contacts remain secret and secure. Secret conversations guarantee this privacy and are limited in the time and digital trail they leave. If they don’t know, they can test and bet on its use in more private moments and that they want to be safe.


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