Discover accessories that make your TV smart

Small accessories that turn almost any television into a “Smart” model. With them like this, simply connected to an HDMI output, simple and practical to consume content online on a screen much larger than any tablet or smartphone. In fact, most TVs available on the market – including entry-level models – are already “smart”. In all of them it is possible to download applications and even mirror your mobile screen. But not everyone has such a device or intends to invest so soon to buy a connected TV. And even for those who already have a Smart TV, few native operating systems are really friendly and fast. that’s why these “guys” here are so successful! …

In practice, the devices are quite similar – of course, each with its own peculiarities. The important thing is that the price of the majority does not come close to what a new connected TV costs and everyone brings what almost everyone is looking for on a connected TV: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and a lot of practicality on the couch at home.

The class newcomer is Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. The device was the last to be announced in Brazil. The installation is very simple: just plug the device into an HDMI output, plug in the socket and ready – all, that’s all. As expected, I need to create an Amazon account to login. The model features an exclusive remote control that is also quite simple to use. But, if you prefer, the user can download the official app and control everything through the smartphone. The Fire TV Stick has a quad-core processor, 1 gig of RAM and 8 gigabytes of internal storage. It supports videos and movies in Full HD resolution and costs 290 reais. The Fire Stick already has more than 4 thousand apps and games available for download.

Apple TV is another xod for fans of the brand. The new version is among the most powerful models we have tried – A10X Fusion processor and 3 gig of RAM. On the other hand, it is also the most expensive. The 32 Giga version of internal storage costs 1300 reais – aj even more expensive than some entry-level TVs. The new generation supports 4K video and movies and HDR mode. Of course, to consume 4K content you will need a TV that is also 4K. The same goes for HDR. Apple TV extremely fast. The dedicated remote control has a microphone for voice commands and a touch-sensitive area for navigation. A unique application also allows you to control the device from your smartphone. As expected, it works perfectly with other branded devices, like an iPhone, for example; d to mirror the smartphone screen on the TV, throw content from the phone to the TV and control a number of things.

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Nvidia Shield TV is the most notable and stylish device on the shelf. Like Chromecast, which we will talk about in a moment, it uses every system connected to Google services. And, like the new Apple TV, it supports HDR and 4K quality. Exclusive remote control, easy installation and a series of Google Play apps. Incidentally, the main focus of Shield TV is games. With 16 giga of internal memory, 3 giga of RAM, the big difference of the box is the graphic processor of 256 cores. There is even an exclusive joystick to play. The model is not yet officially available in Brazil. Yes, it is possible to find it for sale on some websites. In the United States, the official price is 150 dollars or 170 with the joystick in the package.

Finally, we make the device more popular – and also more accessible – for connecting your TV; Chromecast. Like the others, its installation requires only one HDMI input on the TV. It supports Full HD quality videos. The big difference is that Chromecast is the only device that needs a smartphone or computer to cast content to the TV. Alone, it doesn’t work. It has no remote control, all done through its own device. It is very easy, wherever this icon exists, just click on it and the content will be displayed on the TV screen. We found Chromecast at major online retailers for up to 200 reais; the most economical of all. We don’t even have to say it, but all Google services work perfectly with Chromecast; otherwise, thousands of apps are already compatible with the device.

Now that you know the options, only those who want are left out. It has something for every taste and every budget. In addition to surviving devices without a connection, the operating systems of these devices are infinitely easier to use and also faster than most Smart TVs.

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