Dispute between Apple and “Fortnite” developer escalates

“Fortnite” is currently one of the most successful video games. Developer Epic Games recently got involved with Apple and Google because of the “Fortnite” app. Now the dispute is coming to a head.

The dispute between the “Fortnite” makers and Apple now goes far beyond the popular online game and could shift the balance of power in the game industry. The subject of the conflict is meanwhile also the graphics technology of the developer company Epic Games, which is used by various other apps.

Epic Games filed for an injunction on Monday (local time) to prevent Apple from terminating the company’s access to its developer program at the end of the month. This means that Epic Games will lose the ability to further adapt its Unreal Engine graphics technology for use on iPhones and iPads, the company argued. If the dispute lasts longer, app developers could switch to competing products, for example from rival Unity, instead of the Unreal Engine.

Apple threw “Fortnite” from the App Store

The dispute originally flared up over the question of the distribution of income from in-app purchases on iPhones and iPads. Apple keeps 30 percent of sales for purchases made within apps on its iPhones and iPads. This has been true since the introduction of the App Store in 2008. With a few exceptions, payments in apps must be processed via Apple’s system.

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Last week, Epic Games offered the opportunity to buy virtual articles in “Fortnite” at a lower price from the game company itself. “Fortnite” is one of the most successful online games today. More about it Apple reacts immediately to Epic’s advance and banned “Fortnite” from its platform. Epic Games was apparently prepared for this and promptly filed a 60-page lawsuit. more on the subject

Problems with google too

Apple announced on Monday that the company would make no exception for Epic Games. They would like to keep the company as a participant in the developer program. But: “The problem that Epic created for themselves can easily be resolved if you submit an update to your app that is back to the guidelines that you have agreed to and that apply to all developers.”

Epic also built the alternative way of buying into the Android app, then flew from Google’s Play Store download platform and also sued the Internet company. However, apps can also be loaded from other sources on Android smartphones – this is not possible with Apple devices.


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