Xiaomi’s Mi Band is one of the most popular smartbands on the market, with a very attractive price. As an application indicated to synchronize the smartband with the smartphone, there is Mi Fit. However, there are others available that will bring the smartband, from its version 3 to the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 5, added features.

Discover 5 applications you should have on your smartphone, if you have a Xiaomi smartband.

Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Band? 5 apps you should install on your smartphone

WatchFace for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and 5

One of the first suggestions goes to WatchFaces. Mi Band, with color screen, allows incredible customization and you can change your backgrounds and information presented in a simple way.

Mi Fit and the bracelet itself already offer some WatchFaces options, however, so that you have more choice, there are numerous apps that offer their own masks. One of the options comes from the programmer Rokitskiy.DEV, which features masks for the Mi Smart Band 4 and the latest Mi Smart Band 5.

Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Band? 5 apps you should install on your smartphone

This is just an example, there are many other apps available on the Google store with watchfaces for Xiaomi smart wristbands.

Home page: Rokitskiy.DEV
Price: Free

Version: Mi Smart Band 4
Punctuation: 4.5 Stars

Version: Mi Smart Band 5
Punctuation: 4.7 Stars

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Mi Fit is an app aimed at Xiaomi smartbands, however, it has some limitations that many users are easily able to enumerate. Not being an official Xiaomi app, it is able to offer added functionality to users.

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Initially designed for versions 2 and 3, today it supports versions 4 and 5 of the smartband.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band - Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Band? 5 apps you should install on your smartphone

Home page: OneZeroBit
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4 Stars

Navigator for Mi Band 5/4/3, Bip and Cor

Your smartband can easily be used as a GPS indicator, receiving all the directions for where to go. The indications received on the bracelet are basic, however, quite reliable since this app bridges the gap between Google Maps and the bracelet.

The bracelet receives directions and information such as travel time and distance in kilometers. The app is not free, but the 99 cents are well worth it.

Home page: Francesco Re
Price: $ 0.99
Punctuation: 4.1 Stars


The smartband is not the ideal place to read texts, but small notes, reminders or even messages, can be useful to have at your wrist.

It is important to note that this app, TextToBand, must be added to Mi Fit to then be able to receive your texts on the smart bracelet.

TextToBand - mi band 4

Home page: Alcroz
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4 Stars

Vibro Metronome

Finally, the suggestion goes to Vibro Metronome. This app gains particular interest for users who need to keep pace steadily. It is thus useful for sportsmen or for musicians.

Through small vibrations, the user thus receives the constant indication of the time that must follow on his wrist. In addition, it includes the group metronome functionality, which allows all users to have the same time vibrating on the wrist.

Vibro Metronome - Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Band? 5 apps you should install on your smartphone


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