Don’t buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 5! “Pro” model is on the way

During the month of June, Xiaomi made Mi Band 5 official in China. This was released with versions with and without NFC. The global version will be presented during this July, and it is now known that a Pro model is also on the way.

According to the website GeekDoing, this new model with the code name “KongmingPro” was found in the Mi Fit app. As you can see from the image below, Mi Fit has this model, and also Mi Band 5 (normal) and its version with NFC.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro
Reference to Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro from the Mi Fit app. Credit: GeekDoing

You should note that the name “Kongming” is used for Mi Band 5 in China. So this version will end up even existing, although it cannot be guaranteed its global release.

Without revealing official specifications, there is something that is clear in the Pro version. This will feature NFC, since we see the payment options “Transit Card” and “Create access card” available in the app.

It is good to remember that the Mi Band 4, in the base version, is already in official pre-sale at Mi Store Portugal for 39.99 €. This is the version without NFC, which means that the value of a Pro version will be higher than this.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

If payment features are something you’re looking for, this is a good time to wait until the possible launch. If that is not a priority, the new Mi Band 5 brings several features that will leave your fans very satisfied.

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