Dr.fone: the iPhone app that allows you to change your location and play from home

Dr.fone is an App developed for iPhone that allows you to continue your adventures inaugmented reality games(AR) without having the need to leave home.

Wondershare, an alternative software development company for different platforms, developed an application for the Windows desktop that allows you to teleport your iPhone; Or, rather, modify your location to play AR games from any region of the world without leaving home.

Thanks to this powerful technological advance, you can leave the house without leaving it, and continue playing without having to expose yourself to the coronavirus.

How to camouflage your location using dr.fone?

To change your current location with Dr.fone, you don’t need to connect to a VPN; what the application does is modify the location of your GPS, thus deceiving apps that work with geolocation. In this way, your phone teleports not to a country, but to a specific coordinate, so the camouflage is only GPS and not network.

First, you must download the desktop app and run it on your PC. When you have started the program, go to the optionVirtual location(Virtual Location).

It is not necessary to have a Mac to work, with any PC with Windows 7 to Windows 10 you can connect your iPhone. You also don’t need Jailbraek on your mobile to get the result.

Connect your iPhone to the PC and then click Get Started.

 A map interface will open to help you find a location anywhere in the world. When selecting any coordinate, the direction of your GPS will be modified by the new virtual location.

With this function you can simulate movement by connecting points on the map, making your iPhone believe that you are indeed moving away from home.

Simulate movement using walk mode

  1. Click walk or walk mode
  2. Select a place you want to move to from the position you chose during camouflage.
  3. Drag the control of the walk selecting the speed at which you want to move. We recommend that you use a walking or pedaling speed so that you can explore better. Click move here; You can choose between several options, for example, define how many times you want to go to and from that location.

Considerations before camouflaging your location

There are certain considerations that you must take to avoid having a bad time using this function of Dr.fone. You must bear in mind that this is a trap that you are doing to the positioning system of the game; since you trick your phone intoteleport to a new location.

  • Before you start camouflaging yourself, you must log out of the game; If you don’t, then you could have problems with your account, face a temporary suspension or ban from the app.
  • Activate airplane mode.
  • Synchronize your phone and camouflage your location.
  • Before opening the game, disable airplane mode.
  • Then you can reopen the game and log in.
  • You must respect the cooling times, which depend on the distance towards which you move; that is, do not start playing until a reasonable time has passed.


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