Drop WhatsApp! Learn how to use Telegram (Part 10)

Gradually, Telegram has been gaining supporters. This platform stands out for offering the best security mechanisms and in terms of operation it is similar to the platforms. To get to know Telegram better, we will leave you with some usage tips over the next few weeks.

In the last article we teach how to get in touch with close contacts and create local groups. Today we are going to show you the photo editing tools within the app itself.

Drop WhatsApp!  Learn how to use Telegram (Part 10)

How many times do we have to retouch our images before sending them to anyone? We usually use dedicated apps for this, but with Telegram it is not necessary. Through the app itself it is possible to apply the most diverse types of filters, add text and indicate a caption.

Filters for images in Telegram

As you can see from the following images, you can apply filters to enhance, apply brightness, apply contrast, but also focus on a particular object, place, monument. Regarding the focusing filter, it can be radial or linear.

But there are other filters that you can use. We can, for example, rotate the image, include text, crop the image, add a sticker and even add masking images to our image.

Did you know about these features? That’s it for today and the end of our 10 articles on Telegram. In fact, this communications platform is very complete and offers a wide range of interesting and even innovative features. Highlight also for security, by allowing to apply several mechanisms to increase privacy and also to control conversations (for example, it is possible to delete our conversation and that of the other person). Try it! If you have other suggestions, leave them in the comments.

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