Drop WhatsApp! Learn how to use Telegram (Part 5)

Gradually, Telegram has been gaining supporters. This platform stands out for offering the best security mechanisms and in terms of operation it is similar to the platforms. To get to know Telegram better, we will leave you with some usage tips over the next few weeks.

After learning how to create secret chats, today we will learn how to protect the entire Telegram, including conversations.

Drop WhatsApp!  Learn how to use Telegram (Part 5)

As we have already mentioned, Telegram offers many security-oriented features. We talk about the security of the application itself, as well as the transmission of messages between equipment, since communications are encrypted point to point.

How to activate security in Telegram?

Today we are going to show you how to set an access password or use Face ID to access Telegram. In this way, we keep the entire app safe but we also protect our conversations. To activate Telegram security, go to Privacy and Security and then activate the option Password & Face ID (on Android it should look similar).

Within the Password Lock interface we can set or change to a new password or simply disable password. In addition, we can also define the blocking time and enable authentication based on biometric mechanisms.

That’s it for today! Be aware of the next tutorials, as this tool has many features to discover, many of which do not even exist on other platforms. In fact, this communications platform has served as inspiration for many other platforms. Remember that we have already taught you how to create an account and associate contacts, show you how to use the “dolls” of this tool and we also teach you how to use it in a browser. And create a secret chat, have you seen it? Find out everything in the links that we provide below.

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